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Accommodation in Rewal

Rewal, despite the fact that it is a small village with less than a thousand inhabitants, has a lot to offer to all tourists deciding to spend their holidays here. Visitors can first of all use the golden Baltic beach, over which a blue and white flag flutters, which guarantees the safety and high standard of Rewal beach. But the attractions of this resort are not limited to sea sunbathing on the beach or using slides and trampolines, which are not lacking in the summer season. Rewal is first of all kilometers of trails and paths, after which you can walk for long hours admiring the beautiful views and watching the sunset.

Along the coast, on the cliff separating the beach from the city, there is the Avenue of Lovers and Roses, whose charm is added by plants, flowers and 148 varieties of roses, plates with love confessions and monuments of the most popular couples in the history of literature: Romeo and Juliet with Shakespeare drama and Little Prince and Rose - the heroes of the moving story written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. You will not find such a romantic place on the whole coast as in Rewal. Stretch out from here beautiful views of the countryside, which are even more charming at sunset so eagerly admired by tourists. Going further along the Avenue of Lovers and Roses you will reach the main observation deck where you can see the panorama of the whole area from the cliff hill.

In addition to the monuments symbolizing love, in Rewal there is a bronze sculpture of a fisherman, which can be seen near the fishing base. This monument refers to the tradition of the village and is to remind people who have not returned from a sea trip. Every year, many tourists photograph a monument to commemorate their holidays. Rewal is not only breathtaking views and memorial sculptures, but also natural monuments. Arriving at Rewal on a holiday you will have the opportunity to see an ash tree with a height of 24 meters and a high-key spiny holly at over 5.5 meters. You will not find such specimens anywhere else! You will be able to admire the beauty of nature by walking along the Seaside Route Czesław Piskorski, who runs through Rewal and stretches through beautiful forests near the dunes.

By doing a list of attractions and monuments of this town, you can not miss the historic narrow-gauge railway station dating back to the turn of the 19th and 20th century, part of Gryfice Narrow Gauge Railway - currently a tourist railway that transports thousands of tourists each year. A journey by historical rail is a real treat for adults and all children who can see the historic locomotive with their own eyes. That is why Rewal is a perfect place for a holiday not only for couples, but also for families with children who are looking for rest and numerous attractions.


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