Accommodation in Międzygorze

Due to the therapeutic microclimate, brines and therapeutic mud Miedzyzdroje have the status of a health resort. An unquestionable attraction of the city is also a beautiful, sandy beach, separated from the Promenade by a range of dunes. On the other hand, two white, characteristic turrets lead to the new pier going deep into the sea.

There are two seaside bathing beaches, ie. Międzyzdroje Zachód and Międzyzdroje Wschód bathing beaches. Tourist attractions of Międzyzdroje include the office of wax figures. The Cabinet of Stars, objects of the Wolinski National Park, viewpoints: Kawcza and Gosań, St. Peter the Apostle and Stelle Matutin's chapel.

Polish Hollywood - Międzyzdroje

Międzyzdroje is one of the seaside resorts, to which tourists and the biggest stars of cinema, theater or song come down every year. The city is located on the Wolin Island, surrounded by the Baltic Sea, dunes, beautiful cliffs and moraine hills attracts with amazing views and numerous attractions. It is in Międzyzdroje that everyone can feel a substitute of Hollywood thanks to the famous Promenade of Stars, where there are handprints of the most famous Poles, including: Olaf Lubaszenko, Piotr Adamczyk and Anna Przybylska.

In Międzyzdroje, you can walk not only the Promenade of the Stars, but also the trail of monumental trees, because this village, due to its geographical location and the proximity of the Wolin National Park, can boast of numerous nature monuments and impressive trees that are even 350-400 years old. Along the coast of the island of Wolin, on which Międzyzdroje is located, there are beautiful views of the breathtaking cliffs and dunes. You can admire them walking along the seaside promenade surrounded by squares and city park. Right next to this charming city, less than 3 kilometers to the west, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, you can relax by the lake Wicko Małe being a part of the bay of the Zalew Szczeciński. Thanks to its geographical location, Międzyzdroje is a perfect place for couples, families with children and the elderly. Spa buildings with a long history and the Spa Park in the seaside part of the city will allow everyone to relax and rest.

Promenade of Stars in Międzyzdroje

Międzyzdroje is definitely the most associated with the Avenue of Stars, where there are handprints of the most popular and meritorious Poles. The promenade was modeled on the Avenue of Stars from Hollywood and Cannes. The first hand imprints in the memorial plates were imprinted in 1996 and since then every year new stars, known personalities of the world of culture and art, have left their prints there. Thanks to the Star Promenade at the Polish seaside, you can feel the atmosphere of the red carpet and the largest film festivals known around the world.


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