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Properties in Dąbki for rent

Coastal areas, due to the aerosol in the air, which includes, among others, iodine, and its healing qualities, is a perfect place for a holiday. But where to go if there are so many resorts on the Baltic Sea? Dąbki is one of those towns which, despite its small size, attracts crowds of tourists every year. It is not only a village with a beautiful bathing resort and a sandy, golden beach, but also a health resort, which has been operating here since 2007, but has already been visited by thousands of patients looking for peace and regeneration. The stay in Dąbki will also be appreciated by all lovers of summer madness and water sports, anglers and canoeists who, besides bathing in the sea and resting on the beach, will be able to enjoy many local attractions in their free time.

Dąbki are located not only on the Baltic Sea, which is the main attraction of the town, but also on the shores of Lake Bukowo - perfect spot for surfing. What is more, you don't have to be an experienced water sports fan to enjoy your water madness. Local attractions are prepared for amateurs aswel. Also you can find plenty of windsurfing school right on the lake and start learning the basics of swimming on the board. It is also a dream holiday destination for all anglers. Bukowo Lake has over 20 different species of fish that you will not find anywhere else in one place, and the presence of many hiking trails here provides entertainment for people who prefer to spend their free time a little calmer. Long walks along the seashore can be enriched by hiking along the Red Koszalińskie Seaside Route, the Blue Trail of Reserves, the Green Route of Windmills, or the black glass of medieval monuments.

Through the seaside forest cutting off the beach from the dunes and the town, along the coast of Lake Bukowo runs a bike path that you can go on a longer trip, explore the surrounding area and admire the beautiful coastal and wooded areas that, especially in summer, delight the richness of many plants and wild species animals living in these areas. Choosing a hiking or cycling trip, it is worth stopping for a moment at the marina from where each day fishing boats cut into the sea and visit the biggest monuments of Dąbki from the 19th century - 4 old houses that have survived to this day. From here, you will quickly get to Darłowo, located a few kilometers away, where you can visit medieval monuments and see unique specimens of birds and animals living on wetlands located in this area.


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