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Accommodation in Łazy

Łazy is one of the most unusual places of Western Pomerania. This small town in a charming and quiet area, located between two lakes, Jamno and Bukowo, is also a summer seaside resort, which is willingly visited by tourists both during the season and after the season. The tiny village with less than a hundred inhabitants attracts especially all water sports enthusiasts and anglers who, thanks to the beautifully located areas, will find suitable conditions for surfing, canoeing and fishing on the shore of the lake.

Your paradise on earth will also be found here by fans of a peaceful rest, who value silence and holiday in the bosom of nature. You will certainly find all this in Łazy! The whole area of ​​the town and its surroundings are covered by the protected area of ​​the Koszalinski Nadmorski Belt, which is also part of the Natura 2000 site. Lake Bukowo is responsible for the rare and endangered species of plants, shrubs or birds - gulls, St. Nicholas, Pomeranian Honeysuckle and others. The nature reserve "Łazy" cares for the flora and fauna of the vast swamp and forest areas and peat bogs characteristic for this place in Poland. Going to the beach you will pass through beautiful dune areas covered with mosses, grasses and lichens typical of coastal areas.

The first holiday resorts in Łazy were built in the 1960s, and although the village is not inhabited, you will find plenty of accommodation. Lack of monuments and monuments of culture make up for the breathtaking views and beautiful surroundings, which favors walking or cycling trips. Throughout West Pomerania, it is difficult to find such picturesque terrain, peace and tranquility that you are looking for during your holiday.


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