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Accommodation in Pogorzelica

You could write about the charms of Pogorzelica for hours. People looking for a peaceful place to vacation on the Baltic coast will find their paradise here. This unusual corner of Poland has many advantages and attractions for people of all ages. Throughout the country it is difficult to have such beautiful views of the setting sun over the coast, the area overgrown with pine forest and the lakes being a refuge for many species of birds, amphibians and fish.

Due to the small area of ​​Pogorzelica and the number of residents, many people erroneously think that this is not an attractive place to vacation, but it has a lot to offer to all tourists who decide to spend their holidays, picnic or winter holidays here. The current Pogorzelica consists of two former settlements Neu-Eiersberg and Fischerkaten. Finally, in 1947, the decision was made to award the village the name Pogorzelica and since then all residents are proud Pogorzeliczami. Although historical monuments are not the main program of going to this small town, certainly no one will be bored here.

Nothing can replace these beautiful views and natural qualities, which you will have the opportunity to admire if you decide to take a vacation in Pogorzelica. The whole village is covered by the area of ​​Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeski Nadmorski Belt aiming at the protection of habitats, which are not lacking in these areas. Overgrowing lake Konarzewo otherwise called Marsh Pogorzelicki, because its surface is mainly marshes, is covered with beautiful pine forests and oaks, which provide shelter for wetland birds, which is why it is a dream place for hiking, cycling. It is also a dream place for anglers who will find here peace and quiet in the bosom of nature.

Pogorzelica allows not only for rest, lounging on the beach and taking advantage of the charms of the Baltic Sea. If you prefer active vacation, in this small town you will find plenty of ways to spend your free time. You can take your children to the rope park, where on 4 tracks with different levels of difficulty you will be able to have fun, feel the thrill of adrenaline and spend time together with your family


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