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Accomodation in Chłopy

Chłopy - a place to come to

In Western Pomerania lies a small but very charming summer village with a beautiful bathing area, port and pier. Chłopy (eng. Peasants) - a seaside resort located in the area of ​​the former Slavic Borowo settlement. Its name came from the forest that covered this area in the past. Currently, the center of the cultural and entertainment life of this town is of course a beautiful, sandy beach with a swimming pool, which every year is visited by thousands of tourists wanting to relax on the seashore. It is also a great vacation spot for people fascinated with Polish history.

The whole village of Chłopy was entered into the register of monuments due to the nature and age of its buildings. You will see here the half-timbered cottages from the 19th century, preserved with a beautiful wooden pattern and paintings. If you are looking for a perfect place to stay, you may find yourself in one of the historic and charming huts, where you will want to stay for longer. In the heart of the Chłopy, by the beach, there is a fishing harbor with colorful boats and fishing boats that every day go out to sea in search of fresh fish. You can eat them right next to the beach in numerous fryers, where the best specimens of each catch are served.

Although Chłopy is a small summer village, the seaside tourist trail runs through the town, where you can go hiking and admire the surroundings. This town is particularly conducive to walks, because it is famous thanks to well-known films, including "Love on the catwalk", that took place in the town. In the footsteps of film characters, you can stroll along the streets and the sea to experience the cinematic atmosphere of the town. If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend your holiday, regardless of the time of year, it is worth going to Chłopy.


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