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Rooms for rent in Unieście

Until recently, Unieście was one of the most visited Baltic resorts and this probably will not change despite the fact that at present this place has been incorporated into Mielno. In this way Unieście became a district of a larger seaside city, which is also visited by tourists from all over Poland every year. What does Unieście have to offer?

Lack of monuments and historic buildings will certainly compensate for the beautiful views, a high standard swimming pool with access to the Baltic Sea and the area on Lake Jamno. Thanks to its location Unieście is suitable for holidays for everyone. Families with children can spend their time on the beach taking advantage of the charms of the beach and the sea. Young people are very happy to come to the coast, where they can play beachball and take join one of the many beach attractions that are a lot in Unieście. People who want a bit more peace and quiet can go for a walk and rest on the shores of Lake Jamno located in the south of Unieście. You will meet anglers, windsurfers and people who want to relax.

In the evening you can not miss the sunset, which view will always take your breath away and other attractions that will diversify your trip. At night, Unieście is teeming with life, bars fill up with friends who sing karaoke together, dance and party because till the morning. In restaurants near the seaside you can always find families with children who enjoy the beauties of Baltic entertainment.


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