Want us to be your media patronage? With pleasure!

Visiton.pl is a dynamically developing tourist portal on the Polish market. In a very short time, from a simple browser of accommodation, we have become an extensive database with a comprehensive presentation of accommodation facilities and a browser of tourist attractions in the area. With us you will plan a comprehensive vacation, regardless of which part of Poland you plan to travel

We invite all entities organizing interesting cultural events, music events, sporting events, social campaigns, etc. We are happy to help in promoting the event and expanding the reach of recipients.

What we offer:

  • placing an event / event announcement on the portal's website at least 7 days before the start date (place to be determined),
  • placement of a banner promoting the event on all subpages of the Portal (place to be determined),
  • sponsored article in the "news" section where information will be provided both before the event and a summary of the event after its completion. The articles will be accompanied by photos and / or film from the event (photos and video must be consulted with us beforehand so that we can set technical parameters),
  • information about the event in our Social Media,
  • using our newsletter recipient database to send mailings,

Please Remember

Every event is special and unique in a way. Thus, the scope and type of promotion can be adjusted to your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions.



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