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Holiday offers and acommodation in Sarbinowo

The first mention of a small village of Sarbinowo located on the Baltic Sea comes from the early fourteenth century. Formerly, until the end of the nineteenth century, this small town was just 1.5 kilometers from the coast. Unfortunately, the sea waves began to threaten the city by washing the shore. For fear of completely destroying and absorbing Sarbinowo through the sea, in 1910 a decision was made to erect a wall along the beach, which was to protect the town from further destruction. Thanks to this, all tourists can enjoy the beautiful Sarbinowo beach and the charms of this seaside town. And there is much to admire here!

Sarbinowo is a small resort that impresses with its monuments. Until today, you can visit the neo-Gothic church. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose construction began in 1856. In addition to the beautiful stained glass windows in this church, you can also admire historic organs from the nineteenth century that arouse great interest. Every year in mid-August, residents of nearby villages and towns, as well as tourists, come to Sarbinowo for an annual indulgence combined with numerous festivities and local events, in which children and adults take part in the crowds. If you plan your vacation, it is worth taking into account the day of August 15 in holiday plans.

Next to the church. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary one of the oldest monuments of Sarbinowo is a fishing lodge built in 1804 - a beautiful building made of oak, covered on the roof with braided cane, which is a living monument of history. Currently in the fisherman's cottage there is Tavern inn, which serves local and tourists dishes of the local cuisine every day. So if you are looking for a resort with a beautiful bathing resort, stunning monuments and additional attractions, in Sarbinowo you will find it all!


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