Properties in Kamień Pomorski

Probably you have heard many times from friends or family that they are going on holiday to Kamień Pomorski. What can you see there that you will not find anywhere in Poland? Although Kamień Pomorski is a city without direct access to the sea, many tourists decide to spend their holidays here. All thanks to the picturesque locations around the city in the bosom of nature and a short distance to the Polish coast. All this makes both younger and older people eagerly come to Kamień Pomorski and decide to choose this place for their vacation.

The beautiful backwaters of the Strait Dziwny, the Kamieński Lagoon and the Cicha Bay form a perfect place for all enthusiasts of active ways of spending free time from Kamień Pomorski. You can practice water sports such as sailing or windsurfing, but also arrange canoeing. If you preffer less extreme ways to relax, the water areas around Kamień Pomorski are perfect for relaxing, camping or fishing. The center of Kamień Pomorski is just 7 kilometers from the Baltic Sea, which is why this city is visited by so many tourists every year. If you want to bathe in the Baltic Sea and take a sunbath, lie on a sandy beach or eat freshly fried fish straight from the sea, you only need a few moments to be on the coast. However, picturesque areas, proximity to nature and a short distance from the Baltic Sea are not all advantages of Kamień Pomorski.

The city has extraordinary spa values, not only because of the iodine located in the local air, but also the source of brine and mud occurring in the Kamień Pomorski. This is a perfect place both for fans of water madness and all people with respiratory, rheumatic or hypertensive diseases, who will rest and regenerate in Kamień Pomorski. Kamień Pomorski is officially counted among Polish recreational health resorts. There are 5 health centers operating on its site, which every year accept thousands of patients from all over Poland. In addition to beautiful areas, backwaters and healing values, Kamień Pomorski is undoubtedly a city with soul and tradition.

Kamień Pomorski is the first known capital of Pomerania voivodeship . Starting from the 11th century, a fishermen's settlement was located in its areas - since the main source of food for inhabitants were mainly fishing. In 1274, the big castle which was the seat of the West Pomeranian dukes received the Lubeck municipal rights. Until 1876, it was not known that there are healing springs in the area of ​​Kamień Pomorski. After their discovery, the city became a health resort, which every year receives thousands of patients looking for the perfect place to relax. Until today in Kamień Pomorski all tourists can admire monuments preserved even from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries - the Wolińska Gate, the Piast Tower and the bishop's palace are just three of the many architectural gems of this beautiful city.

Why is it worth to decide to come to Kamień Pomorski? Beautiful views, picturesque areas, close distance from the Baltic Sea and monuments that everyone should see at least once in their lives. These are the reasons why you should come to Kamień Pomorski and spend your vacation here, regardless of the season.


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