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Accommodation in Mrzeżyno

Mrzeżyno is a seaside summer resort, for which it is undoubtedly worth coming and spending a holiday because of the tourist qualities of this resort and the surrounding area. What will you find in Mrzeżyno, which is nowhere else in Poland? It is here that the most beautiful preserved dune coast with overgrowing forests, swamp forests and riparian forests, on which protected and rare species of plants grow. One-sided tajęja, black crowberry, Pomeranian Honeysuckle - these are only three of many exceptional plants that are not found in other parts of Poland. Protection of nature and dune habitats, which protects the areas of boron forest, is supervised by their protection.

Mrzeżyno is situated among picturesque areas where not only unique species of plants but also animals found shelter. Choosing a walk along the coast you may come across birds threatened with extinction, which just here found their ideal place for wandering and breeding. Long walks are also favored by beautiful forest areas which, with a seaside breeze, create an ideal climate for active leisure and regeneration. During the trip, it is worth seeing one of the nature monuments located in Mrzeżyno. There is a breathtakingly grown fir with a height of 24 meters and a circumference exceeding 2.5 meters.

Due to beautiful landscapes and landscape values, thousands of tourists, water sports fans and anglers come to Mrzeżyno every year, who can relax not only on the seashore, but also at the mouth of the Rega river, where many freshwater fish species live. There are also kayaking trips organized for people who love to spend their free time actively. And those who choose the sea as the destination of their holidays to relax on the beach, can enjoy a clean, well-maintained swimming pool with direct access to the Baltic Sea, a sea port to which boats and fishing boats moor every day. Those who rest on the beach will surely notice the beautiful breakwaters being a decoration, but mainly for protection against sea waves and their impacts. However, Mrzeżyno is an attractive place not only because of its location in the bosom of nature. You will find here definitely more attractions.

This small town is a living memory of ancient times and Polish history. On 17 March 1945 Poland's wedding with the sea took place here. This act, made by the corporal Corporal Sochaczewski, has gone down in history and is a symbol of Pomorze recovered after World War II. To this day, performances are being made here to commemorate this extraordinary event. Being in Mrzeżyno, you can not miss the historic, neo-Romanesque church erected at the beginning of the 20th century with beautiful mosaics depicting the patrons of the temple - Saints Peter and Paul. All tourists planning their holidays should keep in mind this seaside town, because it impresses with views and attractions, and in the summer season attracts many events in which to participate.


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