Perfect leisure by the sea - Ustronie Morskie

Are you looking for the perfect place for a peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Take a trip to Ustronie Morskie! This small village located on the Baltic Sea has an unusual charm. No matter what part of Ustronie Morskie you will be, in a few minutes you will reach the beach at the Baltic Sea, where on a small pier you will be able not only to admire the beautiful views, but also to drink coffee and eat a tasty fish.

What is Ustronie Morskie famous for? One of the cleanest beaches in Poland, that's why this village is very often chosen as a travel destination for families with children, for summer camps or for green schools. The center of the village with numerous stalls, restaurants and entertainment for tourists is separated from the beach by a range of dunes, trees and a walking alley. Therefore, it is a perfect place for people who like to laze or actively spend their holidays renting bikes and going down the nearest area. The location of this charming and picturesque village allows for a quick trip to Kołobrzeg, where you can go to the Mineral Museum in the lighthouse. A stone's throw from Ustronie Morskie, you will meet the oldest oak that grows in Poland. Bolesław - because that's his name, he's an old man who is over 800 years old.

Ustronie Morskie is a charming corner of Poland, which is worth arriving at least once in your life to feel the unusual magic, peace and silence of the Baltic Sea, which you will not find anywhere else!


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