Holiday in Dźwirzyno

The sound of the sea, the sandy beach, the pine forest and leisure at the uncrowded lake - all of this can be found in one place. Those to love long lying on the beach and sunbathing will have a perfect, undisturbed place here in Dźwirzyno. You can lay down  down all day long on the sand and enjoy the seaside charms. Fans of water sports and all those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and crowds, will be able to relax by the Resko Przymorskie lake. It takes only a few moments to get to the shore of this beautiful lake from the center of the town, where fans of water madness, anglers and entire families with children spend their free time.

This village not only has direct access to the Baltic Sea and a bathing beach, it is also situated on a beautiful lake. It is also surrounded by a pine forest right next to the dunes, which separates the sea from the town. Dźwirzyno is also a resort with nature monuments, here you can find pedunculate oaks with a height of up to 20 meters, the sight of which is breathtaking. They count even 250 years and undoubtedly belong to one of the most beautiful elements of the landscape of this area. Such beautiful areas are conducive to long walks and summer sports. Every year in July, the National Polish Course "Towards the Sun" takes place in Dźwirzyno, in which the winner receives a great prize - the Cup of the Mayor of the Municipality of Kołobrzeg. It is a great way to combine your holiday with active ways of spending your free time, the more so that the date of the run coincides with summer trips.

Dźwirzyno can also boast of the Bicycle Route Around the Baltic Sea, which runs through this place. All you need to do is rent bikes and take a trip around the area to admire the beautiful, picturesque areas and spend some interesting time. It is hard to resist all the charms of Dźwirzyno and it is a perfect holiday destination for anyone who dreams of swimming in the sea and sunbathing, fishing on the lakeside, playing beach ball or cycling. You will find all this in a small town located in Western Pomerania - Dzwirzyno.


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