Hotels and rooms for rent in Jarosławiec

The town of Jarosławiec undoubtedly belongs to one of the most beautiful fishing villages of Western Pomerania. All this is due not only to the Baltic Sea, but also a charming area - pine forests stretching along the coast, dunes overgrown with moss and steep cliffs. Jarosławiec is surrounded by two lakes - Wicko and Kopań, where you can fish for days, arrange a picnic with your children or practice water sports and enjoy the surroundings. Jarosławiec is also a village with fishing traditions that are strongly nurtured to this day.

In the 15th century, Jarosławiec was known under the name Garzhouede as a fishing village, whose inhabitants mostly dealt with collecting ambers thrown ashore by the sea. It was not until the nineteenth century, just before the First World War, that Jarosławiec was slowly transforming into a seaside resort. The development of tourism has meant that more and more people began to choose this direction as a place of their leisure. And rightly so! Because in addition to the attractions Jarosławiec has also breathtaking views.

When coming to Jarosławiec, you can not miss a visit to the historic lighthouse dating from 1823, which is a showcase of the town. Its light to this day shows the way to ships and sailors sailing on the sea. An important point of the sightseeing plan is also the Amber Museum, famous for Jarosławiec. Thanks to it, you will know the history of Baltic amber, its genesis and you will see extremely rare specimens with your own eyes. Every day at the marina you will find colorful fishing boats, you will have the opportunity to taste fresh fish straight from the sea and spend time on the beach admiring the beautiful views.

Jarosławiec is also a perfect place for people who love the sea, but apart from sunbathing on the beach, they also like long walks and active ways of spending free time. There are many water sports equipment rentals here, bicycles that will diversify your time and let you not get bored even in bad weather. That's why so many people choose this place for their vacation.


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