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Accomodation in Grzybowo

Grzybowo - a perfect place to relax

Looking for the perfect holiday destination on the Baltic Sea, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with beautiful views, in the bosom of nature, it is worth going to a small resort - Grzybowo. This small town is located near the Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeski Nadmorski Belt which is an area that protects the local nature, precious and endangered species of plants and animals. Due to the fact that Grzybowo is a small holiday village, which is inhabited by just over a thousand residents, in a few moments from each corner you can get to the beach which is separated from the residential part with a belt of dunes and a beautiful forest densely covered by pine trees alder and bushes. You will find here peace and quiet that are so invaluable during your holiday.

The proximity of forest areas and many nature monuments favors long walks and the sunbathing at sandy beach. In the area of pine and alder forest, you can admire the natural monuments - 8 pedunculate oaks, some of which reach a height of up to 430 centimeters and truly delight with their power. It is the perfect destination for holidays for anyone who dreams of a peaceful holiday in the bosom of nature.


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