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Accommodation in Koszalin

Koszalin is the second largest city of Western Pomerania, which is located in an unusual corner of Poland. Surrounded by lakes Jamno and Lubiatowo Północne, it creates an ideal place for relaxation, especially for people who love water madness. This is the more attractive direction of travel, because from the center of Koszalin in a few moments you will reach the Baltic Sea to the towns of Mielno, Unieście and Chłopy. This city attracts especially those who want to spend their vacation by the sea are also looking for a place where in the event of a weather break you will not be bored. Due to the fact that Koszalin is a big city, which in addition is located on such a picturesque area, it has a lot to offer, not only accommodation. Koszalin is a long history that can be learned not only by reading guides, but also by visiting the most important architectural monuments and ancient remains that are her living proof.

The first mention of Koszalin comes from the early 13th century, when the Pomeranian prince Bogusław II gave this small town - then a small settlement - to the monastery in Białobokach. This is how the Koszalin village came under the rule of the Pomeranian bishops. With time, Koszalin began to grow more and more urbanized. Other surrounding villages were attached to it, which resulted in the town being located in the Lublin region by the bishop Herman von Gleichen in 1266. In this way, Koszalin gained additional privileges and became the capital of the Kamień principality. In the following years, Koszalin became more and more important, until it was finally established as a poviat city, which it is to this day.

Be sure to check out the accommodation in Koszalin, because by coming here you will be able to admire the beautiful buildings, tenement houses and old architecture with your own eyes. At Zwycięstwa Street there are still tenement houses from the 19th century that fit perfectly into the city's image. The Pomeranian Dukes' Park with a historic part built at the beginning of the 19th century is a perfect place for long walks. In Koszalin, however, there are much older monuments that have survived up to modern times. When choosing a trip, you can not miss the old defensive walls of the city from the 20s of the 14th century or the Chapel of St. Gertrude built in the years 1382-1383. One of the most important monuments of Koszalin is the Kata House from the fifteenth century, which now serves as the seat of the Dialog Proposals Theater. However, the city not only attracts with many monuments, but also the landscape and its location.

The presence of lakes, picturesque forest areas, as well as a short distance from the Baltic Sea make it an excellent place for a vacation, especially for those who appreciate peace and quiet in the bosom of nature, while relaxing in the city. And to meet nature here you do not have to leave Koszalin. The city is crossed by the river Dzierżęcianka, where you can relax, rest on one of the benches or feed the ducks living here. You will probably also meet them at Lake Jamno, which is famous for water sports. The ideal conditions here prevail that local residents, tourists and enthusiasts of windsurfing come to the lake to actively spend their free time, break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and even find comfortable accommodation.


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