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By the sea

Accommodation in Kołobrzeg

It is a fact that Kołobrzeg is the largest health resort in Poland, but without any worries it can be said that it is also one of the most beautiful spa places endowed with unusual charm. "Pearl of the Baltic" - because such a name was gained by the city in the interwar period, each year it receives thousands of patients with various diseases. The wind here strongly blowing from the Baltic Sea brings fresh air, which allows you to breathe full breast while walking on the beach.

Along the whole coast of Kołobrzeg there is a landscape park with a health path, where you can not only breathe fresh air, get some exercise, but also relax sitting down on the bench and listening to the sound of the sea. In Kołobrzeg, you will be able to meet rare species of birds inhabiting the swampy and forest areas in the eastern part of the city, where pines, beeches and oaks grow, and between them stretch the hectares of swamps that hide unknown birds. Perhaps with a bit of luck you will be able to capture them in the frame and take a photo of them. But Kołobrzeg is famous not only for its spa properties and unusual landscapes, but also for the lighthouse, which for many tourists is number one on the list of Kołobrzeg monuments that must be seen.

In 1872, a decision was made to liquidate the military fortress. After this event, the resort soon became a resort, the development of the spa district began, a seaside park was planted, and many green areas were created in the city. An important element of the seaside resort area is the Kołobrzeg port, which lies at the mouth of the Parsęta to the sea.

In the port of Kołobrzeg, you can admire military ships moored in the Navy port basin. It can be visited during the Sea Days and on public holidays. An unusual attraction are also cruises organized on "historic" sailing ships. An additional attraction for tourists are fresh fish straight from the boat. At the port there is Kołobrzeg Lighthouse from 1945. You can enter its observation deck and admire the beautiful panorama of the area. For the first time the light of the Kołobrzeg lighthouse was lit in the mid-seventeenth century, but it shone only when a ship appeared on the horizon. It was only 200 years later that the lighthouse began to burn all the time and illuminate the way for the sailors, indicating the direction of returning home. Currently, the Kołobrzeg lighthouse is home to the Museum of Minerals, which can be visited every day until sunset.

In Kołobrzeg and its surroundings there are mineral water springs, brine and mud deposits, where mainly diseases of the upper respiratory tract, circulatory system and joint diseases are treated. Every year, thousands of tourists come here also because of the picturesque areas and interesting history.

Another interesting place in Kołobrzeg are the remains of fortifications from the times of World War II. Cycling enthusiasts of the Kołobrzeg and Ustronie Morskie communes are waiting for cycling enthusiasts. It is worth coming to this city to rest and explore.

A holiday in Kolobrzeg is a rest in the bosom of nature combined with spa treatment - a great way to recharge the battery!


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