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Hotels and cozzy pensions around Darłówko

Vacation in a secluded place by the sea? Choose Darłówko! You will find here the variety of attractions, scenic views and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Polish coast. Darłówko, as part of the seaside resort Darłowo, has a lot to offer to all visitors.

Once Darłówko was an ordinary district with direct access to the Baltic Sea, but since 1814, that is for over 200 years, there is a wonderful swimming pool here, which every year visit thousands of tourists from all over Poland during summer time. On the beach, apart from sunbathing and enjoying the sea and playing beach ball games, you can also visit the historic lighthouse, which still shows the way to seafarers. There is also a port, to which multi-colored fishing boats and ships dock daily.

There are many hotels, resorts and boarding houses waiting for all guests visiting Darłówko, where you can find cozy rooms and a place to sleep. Seekers of adventures and slightly cheaper accommodation, as well as fans of survival conditions, will breathe at the campsite with a campfire and a place for caravans, where you can also make a barbecue, make new friends and relax in the bosom of nature.

Darłówko is also known for cyclical events. Every year, all fans of history and motorization descend to Darłówko at the International Historic Vehicles' Rally, which is an additional attraction not only for those who are interested in the topic but also for tourists who are inadvertently found during the rally in Darłówko. This is an excellent opportunity to see antique vehicles taking part in military operations and soldiers in uniforms from World War I outside of sunbathing and enjoying the seaside attractions. In Darłówek you will also find unique remains of the world's largest cannon moving along the tracks.

An additional attraction of the seaside district of Darłowo is the Wieprza river, which also divides Darłówko into the eastern and western part. Both connect the sliding bridge, which currently can not be used, which means that the direct road connecting Eastern Darłówko with the Western Darłówko does not exist. However, you can get to both parts of the district by provincial and municipal roads, so you can easily get to any place of your choice.

In Darłówek, the youngest will also have fun, not only because of the beautiful beach. An additional attraction for the whole family is the Jan Water Park with a whole network of pools, slides, saunas and whirlpools, where you can spend your free time, even when the weather outside the window is good. That is why Darłówko is a perfect destination for holidays for couples, families with children or the elderly, who will find here the power of attraction, as well as the peace and quiet that will let you relax.


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