Accommodation in Kłodzko

Kłodzko is located in the Lower Silesia region, at the foot of the Bardzkie Mountains. Its history dates back to 981 when the first mention of the village appeared in the chronicle of the Czech chronicler Kosmas. Currently, Kłodzko has more than 25,000 inhabitants, and on its grounds you can find many monuments - both those raised by man and by nature - in the city there are 5 trees, which are recognized as natural monuments. Due to its long history and many attractions, the city abounds in diverse accommodation. Kłodzko is a city whose attractions such as the fortress or the Gothic bridge are eagerly visited by tourists. The city is also a perfect starting point to the Kłodzko basin - this is where the yellow tourist trail goes towards Kłodzka Góra. Tourist trails that hide underground - the Underground Tourist Route of the Millennium of the Polish State and the Underground Tourist Route in the Kłodzko Fortress, both accessible to tourists in the 1970s, are also a big attraction.

Choosing accommodation - Kłodzko is a very good direction. Both the city and the surrounding area abound in a diverse accommodation base that will allow you to spend your holiday in a way we dream of.


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