Accommodation in Kudowa Zdrój

Kudowa Zdrój is a health resort located in the western part of the Kłodzko Valley west of Kłodzko, right next to the border with the Czech Republic, which guarantees unforgettable, health stays. Kudowa Zdrój enjoys great interest of tourists due to its excellent curative and natural values ​​of the region, a beautiful spa park, picturesque bicycle and tourist trails, unique and interesting museums, proximity to the beautiful Table Mountains and the border neighborhood.

Spa Park with mineral springs in Kudowa Zdrój is the most popular place of this city. In this park there is a huge, impressive Theater, Zameczek and the famous Water Pump Room. Near the park there is also a beautiful Musical Garden with instruments as monuments.

With VisitON, you can view the attractions and accommodation of Kudowa Zdrój, and the Bajka Toy Museum deserves a special mention for tourists of all ages. The elders will be delighted to see the toys of their youth, and the children are always happy to watch all the toys. The Frog Museum is located at the headquarters of the National Park of the Table Mountains.

Among the monuments being in Kudowa Zdrój, it is worth visiting the Skull Chapel - it is a place full of reverie, tragedy and history that are worth exploring. There is also a Route of Endangered Professions, which is a traditional farm, consisting of several wooden huts, where you can become acquainted with old competitions such as weaving, bakery, pottery and blacksmithing. Browse accommodation in Kudowa Zdrój on the Visiton portal and visit all the attractions and relax as never before


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