Accommodation in Legnica

Legnica is located in south-western Poland, in the Lower Silesian region. It is located at Kaczawa, near Jawor and Lwówek Śląski. The history of this city is long, since the first documented traces of the Slavs' settlement in this area date back to the 8th century. Then there was a fortified city here. However, the name of this city after and first appeared in 1149, in the document by Bolesław Kędzierzawego. In 1241, Legnica became an extremely important place on the map of Europe. This is where the famous battle with the Mongols took place in Legnickie fields.

The city can boast of many beautiful monuments. Among them, the Piast castle is at the forefront. But apart from him, it is also worth seeing the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Mary's Church. Old and new town hall, towers, as well as other interesting buildings. There are also so-called Herring, these are herring stalls with arcades glued to the Old Town Hall. In the beautiful baroque church of St. Jana is located in the Piast Mausoleum.

Legnica is also a city of green. At every step, you can meet nice green areas, which not only improve the living conditions, but also emphasize and improve the image and beauty of the old town. City Park located in the city center, covering the Palm House, is the most wonderful herbal relaxation place.


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