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Hotels and properties in Jelenia Góra

Jelenia Góra is a beautiful city located in Lower Silesia, in the picturesque Jelenia Góra Valley. Town is surrounded by the Jizera Mountains from the west, Kaczawskie Mountains from the north, Karkonosze from the south and the Rudawy Janowickie from the east. The location of the city means that wherever we stop, we will have unforgettable accommodation.

Jelenia Góra is very interesting due to its long history. The most beautiful place in the city is the square with a stately town hall and historic tenement houses. The historic tram has become an unusual seat of the Tourist Information.

Within the borders of this place are attractive areas, (once independent towns like Cieplice Zdrój, Maciejowa, Goduszyn and Sobieszów, now a part of Jelenia Góra), covering palaces, parks and many other tourist attractions. There are also beautiful landscapes, a magnificent Valley of Palaces and Gardens. This area is very often visited by tourists throughout the year thanks to the multitude of hiking, walking and cycling routes, as well as due to the proximity of the Karkonosze and other mountain groups. All this makes it, that looking for the phrase "accommodation Jelenia Góra" we find many attractive locations with close proximity to attractions.


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