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Accommodation in Wałbrzych - perfect place for historical trips and leisure

Wałbrzych is a city with county rights located in the south-west of Poland. The city is located in the Western Sudetes Foothills and the Central Sudetes in the range of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains. Wałbrzych was founded in 1305, although the mid-forest stronghold existed here much earlier. Currently, tourism is becoming the most important industry here, even though the industry has been developing here since the nineteenth century - mainly mining. Wałbrzych is a great starting point in the Sudety Mountains.

Particularly noteworthy among the monuments is the Książ castle, which is one of the most impressive elements of the Piast Castles Trail. The Wałbrzych market square with a fountain is also beautiful here. In addition, the city has interesting parks, including: Sobieski Park or Ksiazański Park Krajobrazowy. Tourists staying in Wałbrzych are also attracted by the Porcelain Museum.

The Old Mine is the newest and the most modern attraction of this city. This is the Center of Science and Art - an interesting museum that was created on the site of the former Thorez Mine (Julia). In this museum you will learn about the history of Wałbrzych mining, you will learn how it looked from the inside and why it ended.

The city is also a great place for road and mountain bike enthusiasts. In Wałbrzych there are several bicycle routes on which national and local cycling races are organized. For pedestrians, there are also many hiking trails leading from the city to the surrounding mountain ranges. On the slopes there are prepared ski lifts and routes that will satisfy every skier.


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