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Minieuroland Park Miniatur

In the city
Contact 57-300 Kłodzko
ul. Noworudzka 11
tel. 792 444 333
e-mail: rezerwacja@minieuroland.pl


In the picturesquely located park there are currently over 40 miniatures, which are modeled on famous buildings from around the world, especially Europe

Visitors to Minieuroland can admire the miniatures of buildings from ancient times, as well as the buildings of modern architecture, made with great care. The park features sophisticated and unique species of trees and shrubs that have been imported from the best plant nurseries from the Netherlands and Belgium.

On the area of ​​20,000 m2, guests of the Miniature Park Minieuroland will enjoy attractions such as:

A miniature world

From Gulliver's perspective, you will see over 40 mock-ups showing the most interesting buildings from Poland, Europe and the world. They will be for you a source of rich knowledge and at the same time a fabulous background of commemorative photos from your journey. You can, for example, stand at the foot of a 13-meter miniature of the Eiffel Tower from Paris!


The scenery of intricately made mock-ups is a fairy-tale garden in which you will see over a thousand unique trees and shrubs brought from the best gardening nurseries from Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Some of them are even 15-25 years old!

Modeling workshop

You will see with your own eyes what the work of modelers looks like and how great precision requires them to build mockups. You will get to know the extraordinary skills of specialists from Poland and abroad who, using the appropriate scale, reproduce the most famous works of world architecture.

Flower Festival

From the beginning of June to the end of October the entire park is filled with fanciful compositions from over 60,000 of the most beautiful annual flowers!

Training and workshop rooms

A well-equipped educational hall with three rooms with a total area of ​​280 m2 will provide comfort and fun for up to 200 participants. Regardless of the weather, we provide our guests with great entertainment 365 days a year.

Herbal Path of Health

The fragrant paths of the herb garden will remind you about the valuable properties of herbs and their numerous applications in gastronomy, medicine and cosmetology. Using the sense of sight, taste, smell and touch, you learn to recognize them.


Gastronomy for childreen and adults

For hot, cold, savory, sweet, snack or dinner? Two bars and a café "Europa" will satisfy the culinary tastes of each and every gourmand.

In addition, in the Miniatur Minieuroland Park there is the most modern playground for children with an area of ​​1200m2 with lots of colorful and safe devices. On the playground, the youngest visitors will find swings, climbing frames, climbing walls, spirals, slides, tunnels, towers, as well as thematic devices such as: fire truck, princess carriage and rope rally - tyrolka.

Safe and modern devices await you: a zipline rope rally, stork nests swings, a climbing wall for children and many other original attractions.

Giant puzzle

Laying puzzles is a fantastic game that develops manual skills, stimulates curiosity and creates the opportunity for group collaboration.

Mosaics in the style of Gaudi

Our sculptor has prepared impressive works of art for you. He created a mosaic series like Gaudi with small pieces of glass, ceramics and stones that you can find in a Spanish corner.

.... and many other interesting surprises!




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Kłodzko, Dolnośląskie
, 57-300 Kłodzko

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