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Properties for rent and accomodation in Lower Silesia
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Accommodation in Lower Silesian region

In Lower Silesia, Wrocław is the leader of tourism with its marvelous market, zoo and africarium as well as numerous monuments.

However, he is definitely chased by Kudowa Zdrój by offering Błędne Skały, Park Zdrojowy or Szczeliniec Wielki. Szklarska Poręba and Polanica Zdrój are also tempting with interesting views. Taking all this together, it turns out that Lower Silesia is a good place to vacation or a weekend getaway with family and friends.

It is worth planning a route along many attractions Lower Silesia has to offer that will end with regenerating accommodation in cozzy SPA. Thanks to visiton, the choice of accommodation in Lower Silesia will be simple and adapted to your preferences and budget. The Wrocław Old Town offers accommodation close to almost always open clubs and main attractions of the city, and numerous hotels and guest houses, among others, in Kudowa Zdrój are an excellent starting point for mountain hiking.


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