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Alfa Laser Game to doskonała alternatywa dla klasycznej formy paintballa.

Arena Alfa Laser Game is a place created to promote physical activity, inspired by the space of popular computer games. Laser arena enables interactive entertainment without missiles - each game is played with the help of rifles emitting only laser beams and special helmets equipped with sensors. The game is intended for everyone who is 6 years old.

Arena Alfa Laser Game not only gives you a great opportunity to integrate with the group - it is also an excellent form of de-staging. Our arena is located in the former Widzewska Manufaktura (Wi-Ma), at Piłsudskiego Street 135 in the C2 entrance, however we do not limit ourselves to one place. We organize laser games throughout Poland. Laser arena is a great place for an integration meeting with colleagues, but also for going out with friends, a bachelor party or family fun.

Laser paintball perfectly develops concentration, accuracy and sense of balance. Common exit and the possibility of an integrated game is a very good alternative to hours spent in front of a computer or console. Being aware of the development opportunities offered by the paintball game and its combination with the latest technological solutions, we have created a unique place that combines some of the most popular pastimes.

Alfa Laser Game provides exceptional emotions, increases the production of adrenaline and stimulates to devise tactics, thanks to which it promotes the development of logical and strategic thinking.




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Łódź, Łódzkie
Piłsudskiego 135 , 92-318 Łódź

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