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Accommodation in Konin

Konin is a city occupying the eastern areas of the Wielopolskie region. The city is located on the Warta River. It is an important communication hub of Poland and Europe. It is the largest industrial center of the Konin Brown Coal Basin. There are power plants supplying electricity to a significant part of the country.

The first mention of this city dates from 1293. At that time, Konin was a settlement located on the island among the Warta river banks guarding the ford, and later the bridge on the route between Kalisz and Kruszwica.

Speaking of the monuments of this city, it should first be divided into four parts: Starówka, Gosławice, Morzysław and Centrum. The old town is undoubtedly the richest in historic buildings. There is a parish church dedicated to Saint. Bartłomiej, Baroque church and Reformed monastery, synagogue, or the Jewish "House of Science". In this part of Konin there is also a town hall.

In the remaining historic parts of the city, you can not miss many objects, among them a Gothic castle built in the first half of the 15th century, or two water towers.

Konin, with their active rest associated with hiking and biking rides, offers a forest reserve Golden Mountain and the Bieniszewska Forest, created by four main nature reserves.


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