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Accomodation in Kalisz

Kalisz is a beautiful city in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is located on the Prosna River. It is a city that among the cities of Greater Poland functions as one of the largest and at the same time one of the most urbanized and economically developed.

Tourists visiting this city can visit a lot. Kalisz can boast of a beautiful town hall, whose wall cases on one of the floors present a story related, among other things, to administrative matters.

Among the sacral buildings of the city, particularly important is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was established by John Paul II Cathedral of the Kalisz diocese. St. Joseph's Square in Kalisz is a very characteristic place. It is surrounded by the most important monuments of the city. Many important choices were made and many event took place in this town square which shaped the Kalisz's present.

Kalisz also offers facilities where you can taste some of the world of nature. The urban parks made according to interesting designs are places where everyone can admire the picturesque landscapes, getting to know the slightly more quiet and peaceful Kalisz.


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