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Accommodation in Poznań

Why is it worth visiting Poznań? Not only because it is the capital of one of the most dynamically developing provinces in Poland. Choosing a place to rest you can be sure that you will relax in Poznań, but you will not be bored.

Be sure to see Poznań goats, which will be available every day at noon on the Town Hall tower. Later, take a walk through the narrow and charming streets of the Old Market Square, which will lead you to many restaurants and cafes. While visiting Poznan you musn't leave it without trying regional specials "pyry with gzikiem" or "plyndza"!

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and the most characteristic buildings in Poznań is Okrąglak. To admire this extraordinary work, people from all over the world come to the very heart of Wielkopolska, and everybody in Poznań has a personal story connected with it. Okrąglak was built at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s and was originally a department store. Anyone who came to Poznań for shopping could not avoid Okrąglak. Where did its name come from? All thanks to its unusual construction. The high, cylindrical building with windows around the whole structure is truly breathtaking.

Regardless of whether you are in Poznan for business purposes, traveling, family or fully consciously decide on this direction for the duration of your holiday, one of the obligatory points in the program of your trip must be Ostrów Tumski. Perhaps that's where it all began, because Ostrów Tumski is the second most frequently mentioned location of the Baptism of Poland. Being on this beautiful, surrounded by the greenery and arms of the Warta island, you will have a view of the beautiful panorama of the historical part of the city.

But Poznań is not only beautiful buildings and breathtaking views, not only delicious food, but also entertainment. And it's for the whole family! If you are also looking for attractions for the youngest in the capital of Wielkopolska, go to the Poznań zoo, where you will meet a charming bear named Cisna and her friend Barego's dog, and the elephant inhabitant - Ninio. You did not know Poznań from this side? In that case, you must meet him!


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