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Accommodation in Ostrów Wielkopolski

Ostrów Wielkopolski is part of the South-Polish Lowland, Kalisz Upland and Wzgórze Wysoki. The waters that flow through this city are the river Ołobok, as well as the water section being the border between the Odra and Warta rivers.

The city is a great history, monuments, as well as other attractions that certainly cause that the city is very often visited by many tourists. The City Hall deserves special attention, the structure of which differs slightly from the generally accepted scheme of this type of building. Another wonderful building of this city is the church of St. Stanisław Biskupa, which has as many as seven amazing altars.

However, an interesting object that does not belong to the group of historic buildings is the recreation and recreation center Pisaki-Szczygliczka, in which the Adventure Park was created. This park favors great fun and active rest.

The surroundings of Ostrów Wielkopolski also deserve special attention. They create the opportunity to combine sightseeing with communing with nature.


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