Accomodation and hotels in Gliwice

Gliwice, located in southern Poland, in Upper Silesia, is a historically interesting city with a charming old town located on the Silesian Upland. The city was joined to Poland in 1945. The first mentions that appear about this city come from 1276.

The architecture of this city is created by many magnificent buildings that are closely related to both history and certain events related to the development of this city. One such building is the Weichmann Textile House, which used to be a trading house. Willa Caro is another important building in Gliwice. It is already a historic residence, which once was inhabited by the industrialist Oscar Caro. Being in Gliwiace, it is also worth looking at the Castle of Piastowski, whose defensive walls were erected in the middle of the 14th century. You can find here many interesting historic buildings such as the ruins of the theater, the funeral home at the Jewish cemetery, the Diament hotel, the main post office building, as well as the Red and Gray Cottages, which are now the faculties of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

In addition to the Gliwice buildings, they also have other elements that are closely associated with this city. They include the Neptune fountain, a fountain with three faunas and the Gliwice Radiostacja. Gliwice is a city that will appeal to both younger and slightly older people because of its unique, very specific character.


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