Knight tournaments, Old Polish feasts, picnics, live history lessons or evenings with ghosts during which the chosen lucky ones can see the black dog running around the neighborhood from Ogrodzieniec - this is Ogrodzieniec! Accommodation in this place is not only a vacation, it is also an adventure.

The castle in Ogrodzieniec is located in the village of Podzamcze and was erected in the second half of Fourteenth century on the order of King Casimir the Great on the site burnt in 1241 by the Tatars wood-and-earth defensive foundation "Wilcza Szczęka". Its current name comes either from the nearby village of Ogrodzieniec, or from its exceptionally strong, integrated in the area, stylized to the Italian baroque structure to provide fence, fortification, protection from all dangers that come from outside. Sheltered on three sides by high rocks, and from the fourth by a stone wall, a building that could only be reached in a narrow crevice between the rocks of entry, to this day is a perfect proof that Kazimierz the Great "found Poland wooden, and he left the brickwork. "

The castle in Ogrodzieniec changed owners very often, until finally in 1523 it was in the hands of the Boner family, who made a renaissance residence modeled on the royal residence in Wawel, which became one of the most elegant and the most expensive places in the country. The end of its almost century-long magnificence falls in the period of the Swedish Deluge during which it was first captured, then plundered by a cruel invader from the north. Since then, none of the subsequent owners of the fortress had adequate means to thoroughly renovate it, which is why the castle lost its value year by year. The ruined building from the demolition carried out by local peasants, who destroyed cheap walls, gained cheap building material, saved by the well-known traveler and geographer Aleksander Janowski. It is the father of Polish tourism, in whose names it was named in the later years the highest elevation of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, contributed to the establishment in 1906 of the Polish Touring Society, which not only included the outline of Ogrodzieniec Castle in its name, but bought its ruins and took care of it .

Although the Castle in Ogrodzieniec is so-called "Permanent ruin", its area is constantly modernized and transformed in order to increase its tourist attractiveness. On its premises are organized, among others. knights' tournaments, old Polish feasts, integration picnics, live history lessons or evenings with ghosts during which the chosen lucky ones can see the Black Dog running from Ogrodzieniec running around, a huge chain of fearsome with burning eyes behind it. In addition, an ever larger accommodation base is created around the castle, so if you're looking for an amazing place to stay - Ogrodzieniec is an ideal choice.


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