Noclegi Chorzów

Are you going to Silesia and looking for a place for interesting accommodation? Chorzów can be a perfect location!

Chorzów is a city located in the center of the Upper Silesian Industrial District. Despite its young age, it can boast of unique monuments that attract many tourists. The first, though doubtful, mention of Chorzów in the pages of history is the year 1136 and the popes letter to the Bishop of Gniezno. The next date is the year of issue of the permit for the location of the village of Chorzów, that is 1257. The origin of the city name is also not definitively established. It is assumed that it derives from the medieval personal name Charz.

The present Chorzów is a city whose history is closely related to the development of the mining and metallurgical industry, and which today no longer plays a leading role in the city's economy. This industry also left behind tourist attractions and monuments, such as the Steelworkers' Park, which tourists coming here choose right after they choose accommodation. Chorzów is a city rich in attractions, among which the oldest is Ledendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko, which is also the oldest amusement park in Poland, the largest observatory in Poland - the Silesian Planetarium, the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park and the Silesian Zoological Garden.


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