Rooms and accomodation in Katowice

Katowice is the capital of an extremely diverse Silesian Voivodeship. Located on the route of major international and national routes are an important economic center and service and trade. It is worth to stay longer and see how much Katowice has to offer. Katowice is a city in which many network hotels are concentrated, which is why the standard of services is the highest here. An additional advantage of the city is its good communication with neighboring cities, which is why it is possible to start sightseeing in Silesia here.

Despite the fact that Katowice is in the center of the mining industry, there are two nature reserves, natural and landscape complexes and about 12 parks, the largest of which is the Katowice Forest Park. The city also hosts many cyclical events, including film and music festivals, international competitions and shows that gather many participants every year. The Katowice Spodek is the epicenter of almost every large event happening in Katowice. The shape resembles an unidentified flying object commonly called a UFO. You can also find accommodation here. Katowice has a lot to offer.


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