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Accomodation in Jastarnia

Jastarnia is a seaside health resort town located in the central part of the Hel Peninsula. In 1378, Jastarnia was located as a fishing village. The introduction of the railway line in 1992 initiated the change of the fishing village into a full-time health resort. In 1926, a fishing port was opened here with a harbor for passenger ships. Almost all the year, and mainly in the season, the city provides tourists with great attractions and an unforgettable experience.

In Jastarnia there are beautiful golden beaches where sunbathers spend most of their time. According to specialists, the climate of the peninsula has a healing effect on many ailments. For water sports enthusiasts there will also be something here - the port of jastarnica. There is a special school for those willing to learn windsurfing.

The place worth visiting during the stay in Jastarnia is the fishing church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1931, the fisherman's cottage, fishing houses from the nineteenth century with skeleton construction, as well as bunkers - bunkers remained Polish fortifications from September 1939.


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