Pensions and rooms for rent in Hel

In the Pomeranian Province, in the Puck County, at the very end of the Hel Peninsula promontory there is a small town called Hel (it has nothing to do with "hell"!!!). Almost every accommodation here has a beautiful view at the sea, perfect conditions for long and short relaxation and tourist attractions are the main advantages of this city.

Being in Hel, it is worth visiting the Fisheries Museum, which is located next to the Hel Peninsula, in the historic post-evangelical church dedicated to Saint. Peter and Paul. Being in the museum, you can climb to the observation tower to admire the panorama of the city, then visit the Coast Defense Museum and the famous Hel Seal Center. Interesting places include the lighthouse complex consisting of a lighthouse built in 1942, the house of the lighthouse owners.

Being in this place surely every tourist will find some accommodation for themselves. Welcome to Hel!


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