Holiday offers and accomodation in Gdynia

Gdynia is a city with county rights in northern Poland, located on the Baltic Sea, on the coast of Gdańsk and the East Pomeranian Lake District. The city is part of the Tri-City, thus it is one of the cities of the central Tri-City agglomeration, abundant with rich tourist facilities and various accommodation. Gdynia is a port city located on the branch of the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Gdansk. For tourists in Gdynia there are 4 guarded summer bathing areas: Gdynia Śródmieście, Gdynia Redłowo, Gdynia Orłowo and Gdynia Babie Doły. Within the limits of city, there are forests, green areas and a hilly landscape, which is a remnant of post-glacial ice age.

If you decide to come to the Tri-City in the season, you should take care of your accommodation in Gdynia beforehand. You will find here hotels, guest houses, private accommodation or camping sites that guarantee comfortable accommodation.

Gdynia is one of the youngest cities in Poland, so it does not have too many monuments. One can find here the 13th-century church of Michael the Archangel on Oksywie, one of the oldest in Gdańsk Pomerania, the Kolibki palace and park complex, remembering the times of King Jan III Sobieski, and the neo-Gothic manor house from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries in Orłowo. The most popular route of Nadmorski Boulevard can also be included in the city's attractions. This is a trail of about 2 meters, passing along the sea at the foot of Kamienna Góra.

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