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In the city

Accommodation in Lubelskie region

In "Szczebrzeszyn, the beetle sounds in a reed, and Szczebrzeszyn lies in the Lublin region" in polish it sounds a little bit harder. In Lubelskie region lies many beutiful cities, like the beautiful Zamość, Roztoczański National Park and Nałęczów.

If someone wants to visit the most eastern piece of Poland, it will go to the Lublin region. And there you will meet not only fantastic views and canoe routes, but also a lot of beds. And here comes VisitOn with help in choosing what meets your expectations.

Relax in a SPA hotel, an active holiday with a base in a hospitable agritourism or commune with nature in the camping field - for everyone you need. Both thirsty for silence and those who want to taste the bustling city. We believe that the east of Poland will delight with its unique aura and the chosen accommodation will be a supplement for a holiday in Poland or a weekend in the spa.


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