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Museum of Onion Pie

In the city
Contact ul. Szewska 4
20-086 Lublin

kom.: 690 199 160
kom.: 697 146 114
e-mial: muzeumcebularza@gmail.com


In the world there are treasures: pirate treasures, treasures buried in the ground, historical treasures and local treasures such as onion pie

In the Regional Museum of Onion Pie during an interactive show with the participation of the legendary Esterka and baker Frank, the origin of this wonderful baking is presented, which for hundreds of years fills the stomachs and makes the population of the Lublin region and their guests happy. During the visit with us, everyone will learn about the history of Lublin, get to know the legend and the onion recipe and discover the properties of its ingredients. During the show, for a while you can become a baker contributing to the creation of aromatic onion.

The lightness of the message form and the elements engaging our guests will allow you to spend your time fantastically and expand your knowledge about the Lublin region (and not only) through the fun of the finished tasting.

The mission of the Regional Onion Museum is to disseminate knowledge about the onion in an accessible and memorable manner, which will increase the recognition of this historically and culturally established regional product outside the Lublin region.

At the same time, propagating onion among the inhabitants of Lublin and the surrounding area will allow to pay attention and appreciate the essence of regional tradition.



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Lublin, Lubelskie
Szewska 4, 20-086 Lublin

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