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Zajazd Trzy Dęby

Outside of town / on suburbs
Contact ul. Lubelska 1
22-151 Janów k/Chełma
Tel.: 82 563 33 44


Hotel & Restauracja ,Trzy Dęby w Janowie k/Chełma.

The building was built at the end of the seventies on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Moscow 1980. The hotel had 21 rooms at the time. The turbulent history had its turn after a fire that consumed the hotel almost completely. The "Three Oaks" of that period are today only a memory.
Currently, the hotel meets all safety requirements. The newly built building refers to the "predecessor" style and architectural body. The hotel interiors from the reception hall provide the guest with a modern facility that meets the current standards. Meets the categorization requirements and is constantly evolving to provide our Guests with comfort.
60 hotel rooms were given to guests: one and double rooms, and rooms with raised standard.
The restaurant offers 7 days a week in addition to delicious dishes you will find a wide selection of drinks, cocktails, coffees and desserts. The restaurant organizes balls, weddings, communions as well as symposia, conferences and trainings.
For additional convenience within the facility we provide wireless Internet access.

The restaurant rooms can easily accommodate up to 450 guests


Specific details

Podstawowe informacje
Atrakcje dodatkowe
Total number of rooms60
Room cat 1:Pokój Standard
Room cat 2:Pokój Superior
Room equipmentWszystkie pokoje posiadają łazienkę (natrysk, umywalkę i toaletę) oraz telewizor LCD.
Check-in timeod 16:00
Check-out timedo 11:00
Name of Restaurant no.1:Restauracja ,,Trzy Dęby"
Outdoor activitiesJazda konna


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Janów, Lubelskie
, 22-151 Janów k/Chełma

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