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Labirynth park in Rąblów

In the city
Contact Park Labiryntów,
24-160 Rąblów
605 951 355


Located in the Kazimierski Landscape Park, 10 km from Kazimierz Dolny and 10 km from Nałęczów, between these towns, in a known triangle ...

tourist destination Kazimierz Dolny - Nałęczów - Puławy in the town of Rąblów. The Labyrinth Park and the Miniature Park in Rąblów is available for individuals, families, pre-school, school groups, tours and other willing tourist facilities, which provides visitors with the space of Parks and their facilities. There are no time limitations, however, the average fun time for a group of 30 - 50 people is in practice approx. 2 hours, with larger groups due to the need to create more subgroups, this time may change. If you organize a campfire with a barbecue, the stay becomes longer. The Park area is fully fenced. It is located near the wall of a dozen-year-old oak-beech-acacia-hornbeam forest with beautiful loess gorges

In our park you can find various types of labyrinths:

    Różany (irregular-walking form)
    Floral (irregular-walking form)
    Strawberry (after strawberry and perennial season) round-walk
    Grassy in the form of a classical labyrinth - the historical Cretan Labyrinth (walking and educational). Children count how many elements (discs) are made up
    From the emerald thuja, composed of the 3rd part, which open the symbolic gates: Puławska, Nałęczowska and Kazimierska, respectively with 3. difficulty levels and the total length of the corridors approx. 4km


There are also three educational mazes: mathematical, words and colors.

Sculpture Gallery: this is an open-air presentation of 30 individually-styled wooden sculptures on sacral subjects, a Poznań artist named Piotr Dembiński. It is a kind of spiritual labyrinth.

Gallery of chapels and churches - monuments of sacral culture are also roadside crosses and shrines scattered throughout the region. Frequently set at crossroads, they greeted those returning from a long journey, recalling the warmth of the family home, sometimes saying goodbye, sometimes forever. Often put up as evidence of the founder's gratitude. Scattered in the field, with us collected in the form of a gallery of 60 photographs, they constitute a trail of open churches

Benches of emotions (wooden benches with construction corresponding to names) -

    Bench of love - so that feelings will be radiant and your hearts will beat hard
    Bench of consent - that thoughts and words would connect permanently
    Meditation bench - to reflect on the past showed a good future



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Rąblów, Lubelskie
, 24-160 Rąblów

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