Properties for rent and accommodation in Zamość

Zamosc is a real pearl of the eastern borderlands of Poland. It is located in the province of Lublin and is officially called the "Pearl of the Renaissance" and thanks to the unique historic Old Town, Zamość has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Travel enthusiasts will appreciate the beautiful arcades and the numerous monuments of the region. The unique tourist infrastructure has allowed the development of numerous hotels and other accommodation facilities, hence visiting Zamość can be afforded by any kind of tourist - regardless of whether someone is looking for luxury or cheap hotels.

The entire Old Town impresses not only with its good condition, but also its beauty and numerous decorations. Zamość as a private city was founded by Jan Zamoyski, who was the grand chancellor of the Crown. He commissioned the Italian master Bernardo Morando to design an ideal city - a fortress that had the purpose of protecting the Zamoyski lands. That's how Zamość was created, called the Padua of the North.

You can easily get to Zamość with every available means of transport - by train, bus or car. It is perfectly connected with the surrounding towns, which significantly facilitates travel for tourists and sightseeing. Accommodation Zamość will allow not only for a short holiday trip but for comprehensive planning of longer holidays. When visiting this city, it is worth visiting the cathedral - the church of the Resurrection and Saint. Thomas the Apostle with a free-standing belfry. The monuments of this city also include: Armenian tenement houses, town hall, Linkowska tenement house, synagogue, St. Nicholas, as well as many other interesting monuments.

In Zamość there is also the Museum of Colors and Arms, city parks and the ZOO. Accommodation Zamość on the Visiton portal is an overview of objects of each category and for every budget. Check our search engine and choose the perfect place for yourself


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