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Zespół zamkowy w Kazimierzu Dolnym – to unikalny w Polsce zabytek średniowiecznej architektury obronnej.

The complex consist of a monumental, cylindrical tower and a castle at its feet. These buildings, preserved for centuries, are a document of the history of the region and the country, a testimony to the creation and medieval splendor of the city, preceding its Renaissance "golden age". For centuries they have been the architectural dominant of Kazimierz, they intrigue researchers, inspire artists, invite tourists to visit - they have become its iconic icon.

"In vico vero, qui Wyetrzna gora quondam nominabatur [...] oppidum Cazimirz regium, et arx ei impendens, and Casimiro Secundo Poloniae rege muro fabricata sunt" [In the place which Wietrzna Góra once called [...] the royal city of Kazimierz and the castle to his defense by the Polish King Casimir II are built] - these words, circa 1480, wrote the chronicler Jan Długosz, and although this is the only historical message about the creation of the Kazimierz castle, we have no reason to disbelieve it. It was confirmed by archaeological excavations carried out in this object in the years 1971-1974. However, only comprehensive architectural and archaeological research from 2010-2011 revealed its original face and identified further developmental stages.


According to their results, it should be assumed that this building was erected on the so-called raw root - in a place not previously covered by settlements - at the beginning of the second half of the fourteenth century. It was located on an outstanding rocky plateau of a loess hill at the foot of an older castle with a stone tower. The first historical mention of the Kazimierz castle, in which the burgrave "in castro Kazimierensis" is mentioned, dates back to 1359. Of the three strongholds erected in the Lublin region from the Kazimierz Wielki foundation - in Lublin, Wąwolnica and Kazimierz Dolny - only two, but only Kazimierz, are preserved the castle has preserved in its walls the remains of its oldest, medieval phase. At that time he was neither a feudal nor a representative of royal power. In accordance with the words of Dlugosz, he served with the defense of a city managed by representatives of the knight families - tenants of royal property, and from the beginning of the 16th century, he became the seat of the non-town starosty of Kazimierz. Its original, defensive character is confirmed by the discovery on the southern slope of the castle hill of the so-called trench dug in the limestone rock. trenches - an artillery trench that functioned until the end of the 16th century.



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Kazimierz Dolny, Lubelskie
ul. Zamkowa 3, 24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

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