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Accommodation in Polańczyk

Polańczyk is a popular summer resort and spa village in the Podkarpackie region. It is located at the foot of the Bieszczady Mountains, south of Myczkowców, on the western shore of Lake Solina. According to the records, this village has existed since 1580, and its location took place on Italian law. After the Solina Reservoir was formed, in the years 1961-1968, tourism began to officially begin in the region and the first Polańczyk accommodation started to be offered - in the village holiday homes were built, guesthouses and sanatoriums were built. In 1999, this village gained the status of a health resort as the area around Polańczyk is rich in water, chloride and sodium waters, and it is still not exploited by iodine.

The monuments of this village include the brick Greek Catholic Orthodox church created in 1907. St. Paraskevia with the icon of the Virgin Mary from Łopienka, a cemetery with a brick court chapel from 1909, and a stone chapel from 1908 dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland.

People who come to Polańczyk can count on a broadly expanded accommodation base. Accommodation Polańczyk is over 1000 places in private accommodation, boarding houses and agritourism farms. For those who love to relax on the water, the TRAMP boat will take a liking to the cruises, which takes scenic cruises to the San Valley. The Wyspa Energetyka Island is located on the Solińskie Lake - the largest island of the Lagoon. There is a highly developed Leisure Center.


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