Accommodation in Sanok

Sanok is a poviat town in the Podkarpackie region. It is located in the mid-valley "San", near Lesko and Rymanów. The pedigree of this city dates back to the Middle Ages, which can be seen in the carefully restored Old Town.

An unusual attraction of this city is the Ethnographic Park of the Museum of Folk Architecture. It constitutes a separate district of the city. In it you can see the most valuable objects of wooden architecture, collected from the Bieszczady, Beskid Niski and Pogórze regions. Being in Sanok, it is also worth seeing a castle that currently houses the Historical Museum, the Franciscan church and monastery, the City Park and the Mickiewicz mound, as well as the strengthening of the "Molotov Line".

From the Northern Bypass to the San River, there are green areas - Sanockie Błonie. In the summer they are an important place for recreation and recreation for local residents. Urban mass events and concerts are organized here. There are also football pitches, basketball courts, table tennis tables, etc.


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