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Rooms and hotels in Żyrardów

Once a dynamically developing industrial center whose linen fabrics conquered entire Europe. Today, one of the most beautiful factory settlements on the continent, which not only receives awards on the international arena, but attracts more and more tourists. All this thanks to many buildings, constructions and monuments made from red brick. The accommodation facilities functioning here draw the most from the history of the city. Decorated with red brick apartments and lofts, view from the window on the neo-gothic church dedicated to Our Lady of Consolation, which is a twin object of the Warsaw-Prague Cathedral of St. Michał and St. Florian, and the cathedral in Bialystok (interestingly, all three objects were directly modeled on the Votive Church in Vienna) and the furnishings are the most beautiful references to the city's historicity.

Nearby distance to Warsaw (45km) also makes the city a good base for trips to the capital without having to consider a place to stay.


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