Sleep in beautiful Konstancin Jeziorna

Konstancin-Jeziorna is a city located 20 kilometers south of the center of Warsaw. It was established as a result of the merger of the towns of Skolimów-Konstancin and Jeziorna and several villages in 1969. Currently, it is one of the closest health resorts near Warsaw, which offers accomodations in health resorts and much more!

In the city there are numerous tourist attractions and monuments, including the historic complex of Upper Paper Mill, numerous villas that remind visitors to the city of ancient architecture, sacred buildings and museums, as well as the Spa Park, where there is a graduation tower where salt is sprayed with well 1600 meters deep. If you are looking for a place where you can rest and repair your health - you should choose properties in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Town is also known of numerous hiking and cycling trails. Choosing one of them, we can go for an 8-kilometer stroll or for a long, 34-kilometer walk. In addition, there are thematic paths (such as the track "In the footsteps of Stefan Żeromski"), which in addition to health are also an interesting lesson in the history of the surrounding area.


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