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Health centers
Properties for rent

Overweight, stress and chronic headaches are typical ailments that most of our society is struggling with today. The solution to these but also more serious health problems may be a trip to specialist health centers. Located not only in Ciechocinek, but in every part of Poland will help us fight disease symptoms, problems with overweight or detox our organisms. Many of the health centers are also places where we reach full physical fitness thanks to rehabilitation and training programs. Choosing a health resort in the mountains we can expect that in its offer you will find hiking on the slopes, healing Nordic walking at the foot of the mountains or training programs taking into account the use of fresh mountain air to the end. A stay in a health center  in the mountains is also an ideal opportunity to admire the majestic mountain views. Choosing sea instead will give us a powerful injection of sea air full of iodine that strengthens immunity. Spas by the sea also have a selection of activities that will have a positive impact on your overall health, and if we report there with a specific ailment, we can be sure that there will be a team of specialists who will be able to counteract our ill-well-being.


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