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Colonial Centers
Properties for rent

The camps are above all a great place to go on organized groups of children and young people on holidays and on integration trips of schools, classes and smaller groups. Extensive, fenced areas and green spaces guarantee that children staying on their dream vacation will have plenty of space to develop their passions, active leisure and play. The camps in Masuria are located above all on lakes and near forests, so children can explore nature, which develops right next to them. In addition, such holidays at the lake can be a time when children spending time near the water will learn to swim and maybe even sail. A trip to the mountains, especially in the winter, will involve white madness on the slopes. Camps in the mountains are prepared for the reception of large, organized groups of children, which is why they have a large back-up facilities for skiing downhill like sleds, skis or snowboarding, and often the caregivers are professional instructors, thanks to which our child will learn to ski or single board - snowboarding. Colonies by the sea is a never-ending adventure with waves and sand. Camps by the sea, hidden near the beaches, from where children are close to spend free time on making huge castles of sand and sea water.


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