Sztolnia Ochrowa

In the city
Contact ul. Złota 2
57-250 Złoty Stok

tel.: 74 817 55 08
tel.: 74 817 55 74
fax.: 74 817 61 20


Sztolnia Ochrowa - for decades sunk and forgotten.

Wrapped in many legends, in April 2017, she unveiled her long-hidden secrets. Unearthly colors, beautiful dripstone creations and spring water make it from the beginning "hailed" the most beautiful adit in the Golden Mountains.

The one who follows the mining history at least knows that the opening of the tunnel takes place once every several dozen years or more ... If anyone wondered what underground or caves on Mars might look like, called the "red planet", the Ochrowa tunnel is a perfect example On Mars none of us will fly, but a substitute of how it can be - found in Złoty Stok!



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Złoty Stok, Dolnośląskie
Złota 2, 57-250 Złoty Stok

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